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Air Combat Flight Training

Air Combat Flight Training

San Francisco Adventure Flights
Aerobatic Flight Instruction in the Marchetti SF-260 and Pitts S2-C

Turn Your World Upside Down

MiG Flights - You can fly a Russian fighter jet

No Flying Experience is Necessary

Learn the Basics of Flight from a Certified Instructor

Perform Rolls, Loops & More
Over California Wine Country

Fly a Marchetti

The incredibly aerobatic SIAI Marchetti SF260 is an Italian-built, fighter aircraft. It features a side-byside seating arrangement, dual stick controls, 260 horsepower, can fly at 270 MPH, and is FAA certified to +6 / -3 G's. It’s the ultimate aerobatic training aircraft.

Fly a Pitts

The Pitts S-2c is a world-class aerobatic closed-cockpit biplane, rated for +6/-5 G’s. The Pitts features tandem (front to back) seating and reaches speeds in excess of 200 mph.

Experience the G’s
Feel the Horsepower

“The whole experience was surreal – Feeling the raw power of the plane, seeing the world from a new vantage point, performing aerobatic moves on my own…I can’t wait to do it again!” - Scott from California

Experience Incredible Aerobatics in Two Amazing Planes

Get to Know the Marchetti SF-260 & Pitts S2B

Single & Multiple Flight Training Available
**Most Popular Option: $1295**
Programs Start at $595

Rich Perkins, Flight Instructor

Learn Aerobatic Flying From Air Show Pilot Rich Perkins

Rich Perkins is a former U-2 pilot, a retired US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, an International Air Show Pilot and an Award-Winning Instructor Pilot. He has more than 10,000 flight hours in more than 120 different aircraft. You’ll take off with Rich from California’s Livermore Airport (LVK). The municipal airport is an easy drive from San Francisco and Oakland. Livermore offers great year-round flying weather and is home to several top wineries. When Rich isn’t instructing pilots, he can often be found performing at air shows in “Firecat” and “Mako Shark”.

Flight Training is Available in the Marchetti SF-260, Pitts S2B, Super-D, T-34 and T-6.

Please Note: Flyers should be no taller than 6’6” and no heavier than 250 lbs, in reasonably good health, and be possessed by a spirit of adventure.

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CLICK HERE to download the Color Brochure for MiGs Over Russia

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