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Sub Adventures: Frequently Asked Questions

Super Aviator with underwater speed of 6 knots. Great views of animal life, reefs  and shipwrecks Super Aviator Submersible

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Compare the Super Aviator with conventional submersibles

Do I need to know how to swim? Swimming ability is not necessary. Professional rescue divers monitor all personnel involved in our diving operations. You should, however, feel comfortable being on a boat and around water.

Do I need to be a diver? You absolutely do not need to be a diver to fly the Aviator.

Will I Be Able to Take the Controls? Yes! Our programs are designed to teach you to fly, one step at a time. The goal of our three day pilot training course is to enable the Co-Pilot to fly Super Aviator as the Pilot in Command. Our one day course provides a brief introduction to what is involved in piloting the Super Aviator.

How fast does the Aviator travel? Super Aviator's maximum speed is six knots.

How deep will I go? Most dives will be done at around 100 ft. Deep dives may be possible for those choosing the advanced, threeday program.

Can I bring a camera? Yes, if it's small and you understand there's a chance it could get splashed. We will provide you with complimentary photos and video.

Are there age, size and health requirements? Yes. You must be under 6'6" and 240 lbs. and in reasonably good health to participate. It is important that you make the Aviator Crew Chief aware of any medical issues, such as diabetes or a heart condition, prior to your very first dive. You must also be at least 18 years old. Minimum size and weight requirements also apply.

Will I be in radio contact with the surface and other pilot? Yes. Super Aviator is equipped with surface VHF radios, full duplex (always ON) pod to pod communications, and high-power digital through water communications from the submersible to the surface.

Can I bring a guest to watch? Usually yes. There may be a slight fee involved. As long as there is room on our support vessel "Sub Daddy", we'll be happy to allow your guest aboard, so he or she can watch the action from the water, view the sub on our tracking system and listen in on sub-to-surface conversations. He or she must, however, understand that Sub Daddy is a rescue and support boat and must stay close to the sub at all times. She can't return to the dock for any reason until the Super Aviator does.

Do I need any special clothes or equipment? You'll need to bring a pair of "wet socks" or "dive booties" to wear inside the sub, since no shoes are permitted inside the Aviator. Keep in mind that you'll be training in a cold mountain environment with cold water temperatures.

Is it safe? No. There is an element of risk associated with submersible diving operations that must be understood and accepted by all persons involved. You will be required to sign a release of liability. That said, Sub Aviator Systems, LLC (SAS) follows a strict regiment of maintenance, pre-flight procedures and proper training to enhance the level of safety in diving operations. SAS subscribes to the belief that equally as important as emergency systems, the methods in which the Pilot and Co-Pilot operate the craft will greatly enhance or detract from the safety of diving operations.

For Scheduling and additional information, call Incredible Adventures: 800-644-7382

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