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Incredible Adventures: Our Story

Incredible Adventures - The Video

Jane Reifert with Russian Staff Florida Staff of Incredible Adventures Shark Dive Staff in San Francisco
Russian Staff Shark Diver Jillian Morris Sheri Lewis, Director of Sales at Incredible Adventures. Shark diving off Isla Guadalupe, Mexico

Love at First Flight

The year was 1993. A young American entrepreneur was in Moscow, recruiting computer programmers for his new software company when a guy named Andrey offered him a flight Fly a MiG-29 at Mach 2.3 Over Moscow, MigsEtc ad in the Wall Street Journal from a MiG-29. It was a case of "love at first flight". He signed a deal to market the flights worldwide, returned home to Florida and founded MIGS etc.

After renting an office and hiring staff, an ad was placed in The Wall Street Journal, introducing the world to high-performance flying holidays. Then he rushed back to Moscow to take another flight in a MiG, becoming the first of many jet flight addicts.

Fly a MiG-29 at Mach 2.3 in Moscow. Yes, Really!

Media interest in the new company was high from day one. The cold war was over but travel to Russia to fly a MiG was, and remains, a lifetime thrill that many people dream about.

Migs R Us - 1993 Chicago Tribune article on MigsEtcFor the first time ever, you could pull out your credit card and buy a flight in a high-performance military jet. Many thought the first ad was a joke. (Obviously they didn't know how expensive it is to place an ad in The Wall Street Journal.) Our very first client to fly was a female investment banker from New York, followed closely by a furniture dealer from Miami. Their history-making flights were featured in an NBC story by Tom Brokaw. The Chicago Tribune ran this article in 1993.

Soon, customers and news crews started arriving from all over the world.

quote I remember one of our early customers, a guy from Switzerland, accused us of trying to kill him. He didn't realize fighter jets are made to fly low and fast and everything he did in the jet was perfectly safe and routine. I guess we didn't do a very good job or preparing him for the incredible thrill of flying in a MiG. end quote
~ Jane Reifert, President of IA and one of the company's original employees

23 Years Delivering DreamsNews of what was going on at Zhukovsky Air Base soon reached officials at the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. MIGS etc was asked to help find customers for their IL-76 zero-gravity flights. The company's first weightless flight took place in February 1994 with a CNN reporter on board.

In 1995, the company was sold to an employee-lead ownership group. Offerings were expanded to include additional cosmonaut training adventures as well as Sahara adventures in Tunisia.

Click to view Florida Certificate of Incorporation
Click to view Certificate of Incorporation in the State of Florida from 1996 - 2012
(We were called MigsEtc from 1993 - 1996)

Feeling the "etc" in MIGS etc. just couldn't hold all the new stuff, the company was rechristened Incredible Adventures, Inc. In January of 1997, controlling interest in the company was sold to Norman Fast, a venture capitalist with experience in the adventure travel industry.

Today, Incredible Adventures offers fighter jet flights in six countries, space adventures at Star City, four different great white shark dives, military adventures around the world, and much, much more. The company maintains a full-time staff in Sarasota and Moscow and a worldwide network of really incredible people ready to help fulfill your adventure dreams.

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all.

quote When I applied for the job in 1993, I figured the company would maybe last a year but figured it'd be a fun place to work. Little did I know that 19 years later, I'd still be here and writing the title 'president' behind my name. Why have we succeeded in this wild and wacky business? Maybe it's because we don't lie. We've built our reputation by delivering everything we promise and more. We've made it our mission to deliver the most incredible adventures available at the fairest possible price. end quote
~ Jane Reifert

E-mail or call Incredible Adventures today for further details: 800 644-7382

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Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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