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Aviation & Space Adventures

MiGs Over Russia
Edge of Space, Russia
Zero-Gravity Flights
L-39 & L-29 Flights
Cosmonaut Adventures
Space Adventures
Air Combat Adventures
Zero-Gravity Flights, USA
Hollywood Top Gun
Balloon Expeditions
Warbirds & More

Skydiving Adventures

HALO Jumpers
Skydive Everest

Driving and Boating Adventures

Hard Hat Adventures
Ice Driving
Rally Pro
Offshore Rockets
Corvette Racing
Tactical ATV
Evasive Driving
Nepal By Motorcycle


Airship Adventures
Skydive Denali
Cape Town Jets
Strikemasters - Sydney
Texas Tanks
Key West Cage Diving
Starfighters USA - Florida
Skydive Denali
Skydive Everest 2008
Land Warfare
Finish Line Racing
Kiwi Road Rally
Urban Ops - Seattle
Zeppelin NT Airship - California
Varga VG-21S - California
MiG 15 - California
L-39 Albatros - France
Fouga Magister - France

Deep Sea Adventures

Six Gill Sharks by Submarine - Roatan
Shark Encounters
Shark Diving - California
Sardine Run South Africa

Shark Diving - South Africa
Cage Diving Grand Bahama
Cage Diving Bimini Island
Cage Divie Isla Guadalupe Mexico
Swim with Manta Rays & Whales Mexico
Whale Encounter Dominican

Other Adventures

Big Adrenaline Rush! Costa Rica
Ride Russia Offroad Motorcycle Tour
Falcons of Russia
Firefighter Adventure
More Great Adventures
Hard Hat Adventures
Best of Nepal Tour
Hollywood Magic Stunt Training

Military Adventures

Tactical Ops
Urban Ops - West Virginia
Covert Ops
Covert Ops
US/Russian Ops
SeaOps - Boston
Tank Adventures

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Incredible Flying Machines

Extra 300L - Arizona
Pitts S-2C - California
NJ T-6 Texan - California
NJ T-6 Texan - Florida
N3N-3 Biplane - Georgia
DC-3 - California & Georgia
B-25 - California
P-38 Lightning - California
P-40 Warhawk -California
P-47 Thunderbolt - California
P-51 Mustang - California
SBD Dauntless - California
F4U Corsair - California
Rockwell Commander 700 - Florida
N3N-3 Bi-Plane - Atlanta, Georgia
F7F-3 Tigercat - Washington
B-25 Mitchell - Washington
T-6 Texan - Washington
T-6 Texan - Australia
Boeing Stearman - Australia
Extra 330 - France
Game Bird GB2 - France
Bell Iroquois UH-1H “Huey” Helicopter - Australia
P-40 Warhawk - Florida
Decathlon "Super D" - Florida

Marchetti - Texas and other US cities
Marchetti - California and many US cities
MiG 29 Fulcrum - Russia
MiG 31 - Russia
MiG-21 UM - South Africa
L-39 Albatros - California
L-39 Albatros - Florida
L-39 Albatros - Germany
L-39 Albatros - Prague
L-39 Albatros - Russia
L-39 Albatros - Australia
L-39 Albatros - France
L-39 C Albatros - Latvia
T-33 T-Bird - California
IL-76 MDK - Russia
L-29 Delfin - Russia
L-29 Delfin - Canada
F-104 Starfighter - USA

Extreme Events

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Pilots Only

Flight Training for Pilots

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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