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Fly underwater in the Super Aviator Sub Adventures in the Super Aviator submersible The Super Aviator

Super Aviator is equipped to transport pilots through recreational Scuba diver depths and beyond, down to 600 feet beneath the waves. Pilots breathe normal air in dry, pressurized cockpits. There’s no need to calculate decompression or ascent rates and no complex mixed-gas ratios to worry about. In fact, no prior Scuba diving or aircraft piloting experience is necessary in order to take your first underwater flight!

Fighter Jet or Helicopter?

Personal sub flies in a state of neutral buoyancyCapable of flying in a state of positive or neutral buoyancy, and with a top speed of six knots, Super Aviator can quickly dive or climb, make level or banking turns or just hover to give her pilots a chance to savor the view. Versatility and freedom of movement make Super Aviator unique in the world of underwater vehicles. Flight School participants may get a chance to 'push the envelope' and appreciate the need for the 5-point racing harnesses installed in the cockpits.

State of the Art Equipment

Super Aviator personal sub has state of the art equipmentSuper Aviator carries state of the art equipment including a NewtComs underwater communication system and Imagenex multi-beam sonar. SAS Flight Crew utilizes an underwater tracking system and GPS aboard our surface support craft to plot Super Aviator's course and position making it possible for you to return to any sites of interesting discoveries for further exploration on subsequent dives.

Green Footprint

Quiet and non-polluting underwater operation Battery power allows for quiet and non-polluting underwater operation minimizing any disturbance to flora and fauna. Multiple, redundant lifesupport systems and self-rescue devices are standard equipment to maximize safety while responsibly enjoying the underwater environment.


Learning to Fly Super Aviator is Intuitive and Fun

A Pilot-in-Command is provided for all flights. Since flight controls are duplicated in both cockpits Super Aviator is an ideal trainer for gaining hands-on flight experience. As flight skills and confidence increase with training and underwater experience, more and more control of the craft can be passed from Pilot to Co-Pilot. Mastering underwater flight is a pursuit that makes each dive rewarding, and every dive a voyage of discovery.

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Training 1 Day 2 Days 3 Days

Emergency Procedures

yes yes yes
Basic Flight yes yes yes
Advanced Flight   yes yes
Mission Objectives   yes yes
Co-Pilot Training     yes
Course Fee $3,350 $6,150 $8,650

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