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Hard Hat Adventures Minnesota

A New Driving Adventure near Minneapolis, Minnesota
Take it to the EXTREME!

Drive heavy equipment including  bulldozers, excavators and skid steers

Dig for Fun in Minnesota's Extreme Sandbox.

Extreme Sandbox in Hastings MNIt's an incredible adventure for big kids. Discover the fun of operating heavy equipment in a safe and controlled environment. The Extreme Sandbox is located in Hastings, Minnesota, roughly 30 minutes from Minneapolis/St Paul International Airport.

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61 Tons of Fun

Drvie any two: Excavator, or Bulldozer or Skid SteerThis "all you can drive" adventure puts you at the controls of all three incredible earth-moving machines. After a detailed safety briefing and equipment overview, it's drive, dig and destroy all day long. You'll have tons of time on the equipment, allowing you to perfect your driving skills and conquer the playground's various training obstacles.

$ 1810 - Approximately 7 hours total time

Includes instruction, approximately 6 hours of drive time, car crush and lunch.

Equipment: ALL 3 PIECES - Excavator, Bulldozer, Wheel Loader plus a car to destroy

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Heavy Duty Fun in a Half Day

Drvie any two: Excavator, or Bulldozer or Skid SteerIf you choose this option, you've got a huge decision to make. You can only drive two machines. One machine will be forever known as "the one I could have driven, but didn't."

Drive the bulldozer and wheel loader. Or excavator and wheel loader. Or excavator and bulldozer. The decision is yours but it must be made prior to arriving at the sandbox. Your safety briefing will be tailored to the equipment chosen and activities and obstacles in the sandbox are determined by your picks.

$1350 - Approximately 3 ½ hours total time

Includes instruction, approximately 3hours of drive time and a car crush.

Equipment: ANY 2 PIECES - Excavator OR Bulldozer OR Wheel Loader plus a car to demolish

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More Info

Crushing a car is so dang fun, we've included a car crush in each of our featured Minnesota Hard Hat Adventures, but crushing a car is completely optional. Eliminating the car crush drops the price significantly. We have heavy metal driving adventures available that start at just $325, with tax and programs can be shared with a friend for a low add-on price.

Team building and group driving adventures are also offered at incredible prices. A Hard Hat Adventure in Minnesota is a great idea for a birthday party, bachelor party or family reunion.

For date availability and more details, 
 Incredible Adventures or call 800-644-7382.

Drive an excavator and crush a car

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How old do I need to be for the Minnesota Hard Hat Adventure? What is the minimum age requirement?

You must be at least 14 years of age to drive a bulldozer, excavator or wheel loader.

We offer a special mini excavator experience in a mini sandbox for those age 10 or older.


Is a driver's license or permit required?

No. No driver's license or permit is needed to drive a bulldozer, wheel loader or excavator in our sandbox.


Can I bring friends of family with me when I drive?

Yes. We have a special viewing area that overlooks the Sandbox.


Can someone ride with me on the equipment?

Sorry no. All of our big machines are single rider only.


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