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JUNE 2022 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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New York Woman Makes Dream Skydive

New York woman makes dream skydive

Ester Says The Best Thing About the Experience is....Everything!

On Monday, June 13, a dream came true for one New York woman. She made a 28,000 ft tandem jump in Tennessee with Incredible Adventures. She braved icy temperatures at altitude and wore oxygen for her military-style HALO jump, which featured nearly two minutes of high-speed freefall.

Tandem HALO-style jumps are offered near Memphis from May to November. No prior skydiving experience is required, but health and weight restrictions apply.

The current cost for the high-altitude tandem jump is $5000 and includes training, use of equipment, tandem-master services, skydive and video.

Contact Incredible Adventures to learn more.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

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Fighter Combat for Two

Fighter Combat Flights

An Adventure You Can Share with Dad

Purchase a single fighter combat mission, or purchase an adventure for two and share the fun with Dad. Fighter Combat missions are offered on select Fridays near Phoenix, all year long.

No prior flying experience is required but participants must be in reasonably good health, no larger than 6'6" and 250 lbs and at least 15 years of age.

The current prices are as follows:

  • Intro to Fighter Combat for One: $1405
  • Intro to Fighter Combat for Two: $2360
  • Advanced Fighter Combat for One: $1765
  • Advanced Fighter Combat for Two: $2810

Pricing includes video and all applicable taxes and fees. Gift cards and gift certificates are available. Contact Incredible Adventures for more info.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

Video: Newscaster Flies Fighter Combat

Spend a Day at the Track
Behind the Wheel of a Corvette

Get behind the wheel of a Corvetter

Enroll in a One-Day Racing School in Florida

One-day Corvette Racing Schools are offered on select dates at two popular Florida racetracks. Pricing starts at $2025 for an all-day session.

Homestead-Miami Dates
July 9, August 20, September 18

Sebring Dates
July 10, August 14 and September 2

Gift certificates are available. For more information, visit our website or call 800-644-7382.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

More Driving Adventures

For Pilots Only

Fly a Fighter Jet Tampa Florida

Fly a Fighter Jet Near Tampa

Introductory and advanced L-39 flight training is available in Florida, near Tampa. A pilot's license is required to fly.

A one-hour training flight with video is $5850. Other options are available.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Drive a Tank & Crush a Car in Minnesota

Drive a tank and crush a car

Drive a variety of military tanks in Minnesota this summer. Our armory is less than 90 minutes from Minneapolis and features a variety of armored vehicles, including an FV-433 Abbot, a Chieftain, a Sherman and a T-55. Add a car crush for extra driving fun.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Skydive Everest in November

Skydive Mt Everest

Our next Everest Skydive Adventure is set for November. The adventure includes guided trekking, lodging, most meals and one or two skydives. No prior skydiving experience is required. Pricing starts at $25,000 US.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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