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Sub Built to Fly Like Underwater Airplane:
Flight Schools Train Undersea Pilots

The company best known for selling high-altitude fighter jet flights now offers flights beneath the sea in the world's first submersible to move like an airplane. Sarasota, Florida's Incredible Adventures is joining Sub Aviator Systems, LLC of California to offer flight training in the dual-controlled Super Aviator.

The Aviator is modeled after an A-10 aircraft and flies quickly and quietly beneath the surface with the use of thrusters and flight controls.The Super Aviator is a one-of-a-kind winged submersible capable of maneuvering beneath the sea in ways not possible in traditional subs. Because the Super Aviator's operation is so unique, specialized flight training is required before anyone can strap into one of the craft's two pressurized cockpits and go for an underwater flight.

Traditional submersibles are big and bulky and fly like underwater balloons, relying on ballast systems to maneuver. The Aviator is modeled after an A-10 aircraft and flies quickly and quietly beneath the surface with the use of thrusters and flight controls. Movement is so limited in traditional submersibles that operators can sit inside on benches. Pilots of the hydrobatic Super Aviator strap in using the same type of five-point harness system used by Indy race car drivers.

The Super Aviator is compatible with the environment. Because the Super Aviator runs on battery power, there is very little disturbance to nature. Numerous, redundant life-support systems and self-rescue devices are standard equipment to ensure the safety of pilots while responsibly enjoying all that the ocean has to offer.

Training is open to anyone over the age of 18 and in reasonably good health. No dive certification or prior flying experience is necessary. Aviator flying adventures range in price from $3350 to $8650. Flight lessons will be offered in Hawaii in February. Other international destinations will soon follow.

The SAS is available for much more than training deep sea explorers, including research and film expeditions. Her speed, agility and range make her a good choice for studying and filming the ocean's animals.

For more information about the Super Aviator and the flight schools offered by Incredible Adventures and Sub Aviator Systems, call 941-346-2603 or visit

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