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RUSSIAN OPS: Russian Special Forces Training

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Russian Ops: Russian Special Forces Training SPETSNAZ
Offered in cooperation with
The Systema Group, Inc.
Spetsnaz: Russian Martial Arts Training

Train with Russian Special Forces
You'll receive the same elite military training given to members of the Russian Special Forces inside the guarded gates of the facilities where they train.

All programs include a minimum of two hours per day of hand-to-hand combat training in the Russian Martial Arts plus strength and conditioning training.

You'll stay in military-style barracks and tents. If you do spend time in a hotel, it won't be a five-star.

We've designed these programs to give you the substance of the elite military training without the psychological and physical stress. The better your physical condition when you arrive, the more you'll get out of these programs. You'll be strongly encouraged to opt out of any training you might find excessively difficult to avoid the risk of injury. However, anyone in any condition or of any age, can learn and benefit from this unique training.

Russian Martial Arts TrainingSpetsnaz Survival TrainingTrain with Russian Special Forces
As Real as it Gets - Unlike Anything Seen in the West

What is Systema?
Systema is a realistic combat style of fighting with real-life, rather than sport, application. It involves a unique, high speed, elliptical open-hand striking system, kicking, and defense on the ground. Unlike many Asian styles, Systema has no predetermined fighting stances, but teaches you to defend yourself against attackers from any position. In addition, students are trained in the use and disarming of weapons, improvised weapons, as well as combat in non-traditional situations such as fighting from a chair or while in a car.

The History of Systema
Systema is a term derived from the original Russian Systema Rukopashnii Boi or System of Hand-to-Hand Combat. More recently, as this style has become exported to western nations, it has become synonymous with Systema Boyevogo Iskustvo or Russian System of Martial Arts.

Systema was developed by the early Cossacks, a highly trained paramilitary society, more than a thousand years ago, and historical record of this fighting style can be dated back to 948 A.D. For Centuries Russia had to repel invaders from the north, south, east and west, each of which brought to bear the peculiar martial skills, physical abilities and weapons of its culture. As a result, the need arose for a fighting style based on adaptability, instinct and ease of learning.

The Russian System of Hand-to-Hand Combat, developed from this need. When the Communists came to power after the October Revolution of 1917, the practice of these fighting skills was prohibited, except by the elite units of the Soviet Special Forces, known as Spetsnaz. These groups had unique training and capabilities for working on the highest risk missions within KGB, and other government agencies.

It is only since 1991, with the end of the Communist era, that these martial traditions and styles have become available to the West.

The Systema Philosophy
The study and practice of this discipline involves a complete system of physical and spiritual health, relaxation, and courage in the face of all forms of adversity. But most of all, it involves a philosophy of life, peace and decency seldom seen. It disciplines its students to relax while striking, rather than focus to generate maximum power, allowing you to strike at unusual and unexpected angles, to smile in combat rather than adopt a fierce visage or announce your intentions with a blood curdling yell. There are no fixed training patterns or combinations of movements, all training is based on the reality that unexpected things happen in combat.

The purpose of this discipline is not merely to prepare for violence, but to gain a positive and strong mental state, to have a healthier and more limber body, to be more relaxed in a stressful society and to live a decent and peaceful life.

* Information courtesy of Systema Group, Inc. All photos © Systema Group


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