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Starfighter Adventure
Train for Suborbital Flight - Fly the F-104 Starfighter

Starfighters USA Suborbital Flight Training


Civilian suborbital flight training in the Mach 2 F-104 Starfighter is available now. Incredible Adventures is teaming up with Starfighters Aerospace to offer suborbital flight training in the legendary Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, the same jet used to prepare an entire generation of astronauts for space. Mercury, Gemini and Apollo astronauts trained for space in the "Missile With A Man In It". Now, you can train in the Starfighter too!

Suborbital training flights from the Space Shuttle runway at Kennedy Space Center Train for space travel in the F-104 Starfighter Suborbital training flights from the Space Shuttle runway at Kennedy Space Center

Soon, the first generation of civilian space planes will begin launching passengers on suborbital journeys, taking adventurers far beyond the edge of space. A suborbital flight will be nothing like a flight to Florida. Our Starfighters Aerospace Suborbital Flight Training will help prepare you for the intense physical and emotional challenges you're destined to encounter when you board a suborbital plane and embark on the ultimate high-altitude flight. The better you're prepared, the more you'll enjoy the spectacular ride.

We'll introduce you to the stomach-crunching g-forces of a high-speed vertical climb and the incredible sensations of freefall and weightlessness sure to be part of future civilian space flights. We'll top that off with a rapid descent and shuttle-style landing on one of the world's longest runways. When the time finally comes for you to take your seat in a suborbital space plane, you'll know just what to expect and feel less natural anxiety. This will allow you to sit back, relax, enjoy the view and get the most from your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Reserve Your Fight - Suborbital Flight Training

Our incredible training adventure takes place at NASA's John F Kennedy Space Center, near Orlando, Florida. You'll go behind the guarded gates of one of America's most prestigious government facilities, entering areas only accessible by those with badges indicating they've received the mandatory security clearance. Once you've completed the pre-flight portion of your training, you'll travel the short distance to the Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility, strap into the rear cockpit of a legendary Starfighter and take off from the very same runway used by today's astronauts. Thanks to a historic Space Act Agreement Starfighters signed with NASA in 2009, you can be part of this very special program and help write commercial space flight history.

Suborbital space flight training in the F-104 Starfighter Lockheed Starfighter with Space Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center Train for space travel in the F-104 Starfighter


Getting permission to offer suborbital training flights from NASA's Kennedy Space Center is HUGE. Training at the same facility used by America's astronauts is an incredible adventure! We're proud to have been selected to oversee suborbital flight training sales for Starfighters.

Pricing starts at $30,000 US for a single flight training program. Add a second flight for $23,000 more.

All you need is the dream ~ We take care of the rest

Train for space travel in the F-104 Starfighter Supersonic F-104 on take-off Suborbital space training flights from the Space Shuttle runway at Kennedy Space Center

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