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Incredible Adventures Media Coverage

Press Contact: Members of the press and others are invited to contact Jane Reifert, at Incredible Adventures. Background information, interview arrangements, video and high resolution photos will be provided upon request.

Jane Reifert
1903 Northgate Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34234

Read about the early days of Incredible Adventures MiG Flights in Russia!
Our Man in a Mig - December 19, 1993
Our Man in a Mig by Peter Passell

World of Tanks

"In February, five lucky players won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to drive a tank in the USA. A few weeks ago, our winning Commanders landed in Minnesota. This is what went down…"

"The awesome sense of power of tons of steel under your command is exhilarating… When I ran over the car I hardly felt it at all!"

World of Tanks - Fifth Anniversary Giveaway: Our Winning Commanders Take on America! May 28, 2019. Adventure: Drive A Tank MN

NBC Bay Area

"Suit up in a wet suit and swim with the sharks near the Farallon Islands, which are just outside San Francisco."

NBC Los Angeles - Video: As seen on California Live Thursday, Dec. 12, 2019. Adventure: Cage Dive California

Suit Up and Swim With Great White Sharks Just 30 Miles Outside of San Francisco

Vacation Idea Magazine

"We all have our views on what life is, what it all means, and how best to spend the time we have on this Earth. For many people, a dream life is one filled with amazing experiences and magical memories. We all want to lead a life that we can feel proud of, enjoying ourselves as often as possible and making our dreams come true, pursuing our ambitions and feeling like the stars of our own personal stories."

Incredible Adventures
Vacation Idea Magazine, July 2019. Adventure travel ideas featuring Incredible Adventures.

USA Today Travel

"Travelers can experience the thrill of shark cage diving in locales around the world: the chance to encounter the apex predators as they come right up to a cage and look you in the eyes."

7 wild places to dive with sharks around the world - 7 photos
USA Today Travel, June 26, 2019. Photos from Incredible Adventures feature cage siving in Isla Guadalupe Mexico and Bimini Bahamas.

Paste Magazine

"We got to see how some of those tanks handled not just in the game but in the real world. We also crushed some cars."

Living the Power Fantasies of World of Tanks: Mercenaries
Paste Magazine, July 30, 2018 by Garrett Martin


"What these vehicles can do is really spectacular and breathtaking. The team drove the types of machinery over cars to show the power a real-life tank holds."

World of Tanks: Mercenaries Brought To Life With This Tank Event
VGR, July 29, 2018 by Rania Tsiro

Twin Galaxies

"Once I had collected myself from the excitement that was coursing through my veins after smashing a car with a tank, I took to the shooting range that was available for customers to use at the venue and got to fulfill my dream of shooting a Barrett 50 caliber sniper rifle and MG42 machine gun from the second World War."

Drive a Tank Event Brings World of Tanks: Mercenaries Action to Reality
Twin Galaxies, July 26, 2018 by Nickolas Garth

"Skydiving during August eclipse was such a hit that Sarasota entrepreneur is making plans for 2024"

The View from Above
Sarasota Herald Tribune, September 1, 2017 by Billy Cox

New Zealand Herald

"On the day our client's fly to the edge of space they will be the highest and fastest civilian person in the entire world."

How to make your business 'super memorable'
New Zealand Herald Busines
, September 6, 2017

Wedding Ideas Magazine

"Here’s something that will really get your heart racing."

10 Adrenaline-Fuelled Honeymoon Ideas for Thrill-Seeking Couples
Wedding Ideas Magazine

Inside Hook

"Forget road trips, beaches or the golf course — this summer, go somewhere that’ll get your blood pumping and your adrenaline effectively depleted."

These Seven Adventure Destinations Require Waivers, Brass Balls
Inside Hook, May 26, 2016.

Siesta Sand Newspaper Local Sarastoa media coverage that's ALL ABOUT US.
Siesta Key's Best Kept Secret Celebrates 20 Years
Siesta Sand, January 1, 2016.

Fox News

"Do you fantasize about being John Rambo or James Bond? Have you always wondered what it would be like to drive a tank or sneak into enemy territory with the Special Forces? These five intense experiences will let you indulge these fantasies while keeping you safely right here in reality."

Go Commando with These 5 Extreme Adventures, September 03, 2014

""Memories of a MiG in Moscow - by Doug Moe. Wisconsin State Journal, March 2, 2014. "Lynn Van Campen, in the rear cockpit, remembers the roar and looking over her shoulder to see the ground dropping sharply away. An instant later, they hurtled through the clouds into a great blue vastness."

""Midstate resident takes a trip into space - by Daniel Walmer. The Sentinal, February 17, 2014. "Middletown resident John Kerecz always wanted to fly to outer space. So he did."

""My Ticket Into Space Looks Cheap - Muse ( By James M. Clash - August 19, 2013. Flights to space will begin in a few years, but the author "...wanted real space-flight experience, too -- or at least something as close as I could get to the real deal." So he flew a MiG and YOU CAN TOO.

""De Cuenca a la Patagonia - Fuera de Serie Magazine, July 23, 2013 - Por Guillermo Reparaz. "Los apasionados de las alturas con experiencia no deben perderse el siguiente reto. El próximo mes de octubre (del 18 al 25) podrán vivir una oportunidad irrepetible de caída libre frente a los 8.848 m del mismísimo Everest. Un privilegio sólo para 15 paracaidistas que incluye saltos junto a algunos de los picos más altos del mundo, visita a Katmandú, excursiones con yaks, ponis y porteadores locales, y la posibilidad de grabar la aventura en vídeo (desde 19.000 euros/persona aprox."

""How to Spend a Bonus - The Credit Solution Program, June 2013 by Aaron Crowe. "Travel is a great way to recharge and reward [yourself] for the year." The article notes that "...experiences are worth much more than material purchases."

""What Makes a Risk-Taker - Wall Street Journal, May 22, 2013 by Sue Shallenbarger. IA customer and friend Paul Cusma went to Russia to fly a MiG. He was interviewed for this article about new research on the psychology of risk-taking.

""Over the Top - Adventure Company Offers Outrageous Experiences with Concierge Service - IAAPA, APRIL 2013. By James Careless. "For some thrill seekers, roller coasters just aren’t going to do it. Daredevils that yearn to roar up to the edge of space at 70,000 feet in a MiG 29 jet fighter, swim with sharks in San Francisco, train to be a covert operative with an ex-Israeli counter-terrorism expert, drive a tank, or dive in a submarine can do so - complete with hosted tours, accommodations, and expert guides - at Incredible Adventures".

""COVERT OPS - Gallivant, October 2012. Review of Covert Ops: "Want to live out your special forces fantasy? Put down the controller and head out to Covert Ops."

""Fantasy Camps for the Young at Heart - PBS Next Avenue, October 12, 2012 by Linda Childers. "Looking for more of an adrenaline rush? Check out Incredible Adventures in Miami. At its ongoing Covert Ops camp, participants learn real counterterrorism techniques from Garret Machine, a former soldier in the Israeli army."

""Record Leap from Edge of Space Gives Skydiving a Lift - USA Today, October 15, 2012 by Laura S. Bly. While not quite as high as Felix Baumgartner, you can leap from 30,000 feet and experience up to two minutes of freefall in a tandem HALO (High Altitude, Low Open) skydive with IA's Ballooning Adventure.

""Covert Ops: A Counter-Terrorism Adventure in Miami - Entertainment Designer, September 27, 2012 by Elizabth Alton. Another great review of Covert Ops: "If you've ever wanted to be James Bond or Jason Bourne, we've got an experience that you're going to love."

""Balloon People - Traveling the World in a Hot-Air Balloon - Urbandaddy, August 31, 2012 - A review of Up, Up & Away Ballooning Adventure. From the review: " It's choose-your-own-adventure hot-air ballooning, plain and simple. Think about it. It's just you, a guy who jumps out of big balloons for a living and... the entire planet."

""G.B.'s George McBride to Go Supersonic - Curry County Reporter (Gold Beach, Oregon), August 22, 2012 - The story of a "speed freak" who dreams of flying the legendary MiG-29 to the Edge of Space with Incredible Adventuresin Russia. George's dream came true and you can see the photos here.

""Businesses That Cater to Extreme Adrenaline Junkies - by Chris Morris, Special to CNBC, August 16, 2012. "Adrenaline junkies live on the edge — and often like to lean over it. And these days, there are plenty of businesses willing to court them." Of course Incredible Adventures is featured in this great article!

""Fun Summer Camps - for Adults! - Self Magazine, June 2012. Featuring Covert Ops, Miami.

""Hollywood Jet Props - by Katrina Balmaceda, JETGALA Magazine (Singapore) MayJune 2012. JETGALA is Asia's foremost ultra luxury magazine with a special focus on private aviation and the corresponding lifestyle.

""The Real Cost of Fantasy Camp - Vacation Drama - Bloomberg, April 27, 2012. Find out how you'd react under the intense stress of a terrorist attack at Covert Ops, Miami.

""Guys in suits go wild with extreme hobby - Fox News Tampa Bay, February 12, 2012. Some take life as it comes, other chase it! Report includes our friend Paul Cuzma, who flew the Legendary Mig-29 over Russia (starts at 01:00)

""Boy with cancer flies jet with help of Davis High class and Make-A-Wish - KSL Utah, February 22, 2012. A young cancer survivor fulfills his dream of flying a fighter jet with a Hollywood Top Gun Flight.

""World's Best: Fantasy Camps - America Way Magazine, January 2012. Covert Ops named one of the World's Best!

Paste Magazine

Fra dykning med hajer til kørsel med kampvogne. Se 10 oplevelser for adrenalinjunkies.

Guide: 10 ekstreme ferier
Berlingske, September 19, 2011

""Swimming with sharks: another San Francisco treat - Globe and Mail, November 16, 2011 - Terrific account by Sarah Staples of her Great White Shark Adventure in the Farallon Islands. "I lose my grip on the cage and spin off-kilter. Breathe, I tell myself, just breathe. The spaces between these bars are bigger than I thought: Could a baby white shark nose its way in?"

""Hang on! Top 10 extreme adventures - MSNBC/Reuters, September 9, 2011. "If you like to push yourself and are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, then online men's magazine AskMen's top 10 list of extreme vacations may be just the thing for you."

""10 Things Fantasy Camps Won't Tell You - SmartMoney, July 7, 2011. Actually, we'll be more than happy to tell you, just call and ask!

""Boys Will Be Boys - American Eagle Latitudes, June 2011 - Our Top Gun Flying Adventures are featured in the story. "Mancations in Los Angeles provide testosterone-driven adventures that appeal to all types. These male-bonding trips offer unique escapes for men seeking weekend getaways or just a dudes' day out with their best buds." (Great for girlfriend-getaways too!)

""Vive la adrenalina de ser bombero - En Orlando, Florida, hay recorridos para vivir una experiencia ardiente -, June 19, 2011. "Si de niño quisiste ser bombero, lo puedes hacer realidad en la Academia de Bomberos de Orlando. Sólo necesitas tener buena condición física y, por supuesto, no temerle a las llamas."

"" Chard Man Speaks of Journey to Edge of Space on June 15, 2011. Dave Coller, who now lives in Hong Kong, will mark his 50th birthday on Tuesday, June 7, by heading up in a MiG29 with the Russian military and getting a glimpse of the Earth that few people have the opportunity to experience.

""Un tour a lo Top Gun - El Nuevo Dia, September 2, 2010. "Incredible Adventures, en California, ofrece los servicios de volar un jet mientras grabas tu filme. Mira el vídeo.

""Daring Date Nights - Breezymama, July 15, 2010 - When you've seen every movie that's out and you're looking for something very different to do - how about a little adventure?

""Ultimate Expedition: Swim with Some of the Largest Mammals on Earth - Flying Adventures May/June 2010. Daniel T. Stewart swims with whales to review Whale Encounter and finds out why "Passengers regularly report that being in the water with these magnificant creatures is one of the highlights of their lives."

""The most unusual tours that can be purchased online - ( in Russian), April 1, 2010 - That's a very rough translation, courtesy of Google Translate, but we're proud to say we ranked first place for the "most amazing and unusual travel".

""Top Ten Sky-High Destinations - The National (Dhubai), February 8, 2010 - "From the world's tallest building to a continent's highest mountain to a flight to the edge of space, sky-high destinations just keep on getting higher. In the 21st century, one thing is certain: the only way is up. Robert Carroll chooses 10 pinnacles where the view is a destination in itself."

""VIDEO: FOX TV NEWS - THE ASTRONAUT EXPERIENCE, aired on 09/09/09 - news reporter experiences Zero Gravity!

""Vintage Fighter Jets Find Home at KSC - Florida Today, November 16, 2009. "It's not a ride," Rick Svetkoff, Starfighters president and chief pilot, said. "(Participants) are going through a training evolution that will closely approximate the training for a suborbital flight. You will get a flight in an F-104."

""Amazing F-104 Airshow Flight Journal, December 2009. Features our F-104 Starfighters.

""It's all plane sailing: The Super Aviator sub in action - The Daily Mail, November 7, 2009.

""Living the Dream - by Glenn R. Wallis - Editor in Chief, World Traveller, October, 2009. It's all about Incredible Advenutres and how you can "Upgrade your vacation to heart-racing fun." Note: Go to Page 8 to see the article.

""Bring 'Shark Week' closer to home - by Diane Davis, San Francso Examiner, August 3, 2009. "If you would like to have a close encounter of your own there are many local options. First you have to decide how close you want to get. Do you want to be as daring as those on 'Shark Week' and swim in the same waters as sharks? If so, you may want to spend a day with Incredible Adventures. Great White season near the Farallon Islands begins September 26th. This is your opportunity to climb into shark infested waters, with the protection of a shark cage."

""Incredible Adventures Make the A-List in Playboy's Best Vacation for Guys - Hostage Rescue Camp (Urban Ops) and Spy Camp (Covert Ops) have been selected by Playboy as top vacations for the adventurous guy!

""Great White - a journey to the shark-infested waters of the Farallon Islands by Amy Sorlie, American Way Magazine, August 2009. A shark-obsessed journalist describes her Shark Adventure.

""Super Aviator Test Flights - INA Quarterly, Spring 2009 - Institute of Nautical Archeology reviews the Lake Tahoe test flights and agree the Super Aviator sub is "Sleek, fast, maneuverable and sophisticated..."

""Submarines for Everyone! Wired, July 22, 2009. Article summarizes the development of the "persub" (personal submersible) including our Super Aviator.

""Aggro-Tourism: Stress-Busting Vacations, May 2009 - Meet aggro-tourism, vacations that help you blow off some steam, whether it's firing off an Uzi, crashing cars, or just smashing plates against a wall. Jason Harper reviews Covert Ops programs in Arizona for Jack Bauer wannabes - but we'll show you how the pros really do it!

""From Cold War spies to battling web campaigners - Telegraph, May 1, 2009 - Kent Ertegrul's new company, Phorm, creates quite a bit of controversy in the UK. (Ertegrul started, and then sold, Incredible Adventures.)

""Vivir las aventuras más extremas es posible - Reporter Diego Zerpa Chang in OC Magazine, Venezuala, April 2009

""National Park Says No, But We're Jumping Anyway! - April 9, 2009. Reporter Leyla Santiago of KTUU in Alaska spoke to the President of Incredible Adventures about the difficulties of dealing with the National Park Service Service regarding SkydiveDenali. You can read the report or watch the video.

""Adrenaline Rush - Daily Candy, February 18, 2009. "When sporty isn't thrilling enough (and when the future feels ominous), it's time to upgrade to heart racing. These bold adventures should get the adrenaline rushing (even if all you're doing is reading about them).

""Grown Up Fantasy Camps -, January, 2009. Today's seniors want some action and adventure.

""Free Fall Over Mount Everest - Aldergrove Star, October 17, 2009. Neil Jones was the first of three adventurers to jump solo from an airplane at the "rare air" altitude of almost 9,000 metres (29,500 feet) over the world's tallest peak Oct. 5.

""Father, son skydive from above Mount Everest - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 16, 2008

""VIP San Francisco - October 2008 - Forbes Traveler adds Incredible Adventures Farallons Shark Encounters to Best of San Francisco.

""Vacationing on the Edge - Globe and Mail, September 17, 2008 - By Sarah Staples. "Mainstream resort-style holidays are losing some ground to other trips - and many in the industry see edgier travel as an important slice of the pie." This article features Skydive Everest, Sub Adventures, Cape Town Jets and more.

""Super Aviator, an incredible two-person private submarine to visit Grand Bahama - Bahamas Weekly, July 21, 2008.

""Eight Places to Live Out Your Fantasy -, May 15, 2008 - "While Incredible Adventures warns in its promotional materials "Flying MiGs may be addictive!" for some, breaking the sound barrier may be a little too intense. Not to worry: The company also offers shark diving, fighter-plane dog fighting and, coming in October 2008, the first skydive over Mount Everest." By Andrew Egan.

""Adventure Vacations - Great White Shark Diving - Debonair Magazine, January 8, 2008 - by Lauren Dugdale. " To support shark tourism and give your adrenaline an underwater orgasm at a lower price, opt for the states-based Cage Diver San Francisco."

""Incredible Adventures - Royal, December 2007 (India). "Only those amongst us who are ready to reach out eagerly and without fear to newer and richer adventures are destined to live life to its fullest." Royal covers several of our most incredible adventures.

""Cage Diving with Incredible Adventures - KSEE-TV reporter Faith Sidlow, producer Larry Johnson, and photographer Nathan Luna go on an adventure of a lifetime: Cage Diving with Great White Sharks. Aired October 18, 2007.

""Private Spaceship Era Stalled - The IA Space Survey results are heavily quoted in this article by Bob Keefe in the Detroit News, October 11, 2007

"" Want to be like Tom Cruise in Top Gun? Try dog-fighting for a laugh - A UK journalist describes his Fighter Combat experience. By Jonathan Green - Daily Mail, October 12, 2007

""Adventures for Thrill-Seekers - It's all about Incredible Adventures. "For those whose drug of choice is adrenaline, Sarasota has a local dealer." ~ Herald Tribune, September 28, 2007

""Vacations for the Adventurous - SNN News 6 VIDEO featuring several incredible adventures

""5 Adventures for the Adrenaline Adict - "Not satisfied with earth-bound adventures? Try flying a MiG-31 Foxhound" -, August 2007

""Best Vacations for Thrill Seekers - Forbes, August 21, 2007

""The World's Highest Destinations - Vroom at the Top - "For the ultimate high - with the added adrenaline rush of supersonic speed - take the controls of a piece of military hardware previously reserved for the USSR's top guns" -, 2007

""Enter the Killing Zone - A diver pursues the elusive great white shark on a visit to Tiburon - Westways Magazine (Automobile Club of Southern California) March-April 2007

""The Ultimate Flying Experience: Flying the MiG-29 - by Capt. William F. Span USN (Ret.), America's Flyways, September 2006.

""Let's go dive with sharks - really - Marin Independent Journal, September 28, 2006

""Machines: Hollywood Top Gun - CK Magazine, Online (see page 78) September 2006

""Survey Targets Space Tourism - How much will customers pay for out-of-this-world experiences? - NBC News, August 28, 2006 by David Leaonard, Senior writer

""NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards and contestant winner dog fight over the Mojave MOJAVE, CALIF. August 1, 2006

""Branson Attempts World Speed Record at Thunder City - Cape Argus, June 24, 2006

""Public Space Travel: Building the Business Case -, February 16, 2006

""Space Tourism: Keeping The Customer Satisfied -, June 24, 2005. Leonard David interviewed Jane Reifert on civilian space travel.

""Confessions of a Space Tourism Operator -, May 13, 2005. Leonard David discusses space tourism with Jane Reifert, President of Incredible Adventures.

""Let's Play Soldier! - U.S. News & World Report, June 6, 2005, features MiGs Over Moscow, Air Combat USA, Urban Ops and Covert Ops.

""Air Combat USA featured on The Apprentice (in Video Highlights, Top Gun, Episode 14, April 28, 2005)

""As a MiG flies over Moscow, a Man's Dream Takes Flight from The Princeton Packet (April 8, 2005) - Jim Rodney is about to achieve his longtime goal of flying the legendary MiG-29.

""Vacation Like a Pro - Covert Ops fantasy camp in Newsweek March 20, 2005

""Have Spaceplane Will Travel - Leonard David of interviewed Jane Reifert, President of Incredible Adventures, at the Space Technology & Applications International Forum (STAIF), held February 13-17, 2005.

""Rocket Man - Matthew Power's account of the Zero Gravity Experience in Men's Journal, February 2005

""Journey leaves her floating on air - First-person account by Ida Farrell in The Arizona Republic, January 9, 2005

""Texas Tanks on USA Today - Great slideshow of Texas Tanks (December 15, 2004)

""Zero-Gravity Flights Go Mainstream - NBC News, September 16, 2004 by Alan Boyle, Science Editor

""Sherman Police Department - Tank Training - News report from KXII-TV in Sherman TX, with live video. Police department trains for team building and counter-terrorism.
""Tactical Tanks (includes photo gallery) by Rui Zhou, MFO
""Event: Tank Ride with CDV, Part 1 by Sean,
""Event: Tank Ride with CDV, Part 2 by Sean,
""Amazing Travel Getaways - IA on the John Walsh Show (February 6, 2004)
""Urban Operations: Inside the Direct Action Resource Center from The Arkansas Times (June 27, 2003)
""This Firm Offers Travelers the Right Stuff from The Toronto Star (January 18, 2003) - An interview with Paul Greenhalgh, who flew a MiG-29.
""Lizenz zum Bond-Spielen - Von Kerstin Friemel. The Financial Times Deutschland, November 29, 2002 (In German)
""Adventure Vacationers Trade Comfort for Thrills - Guns, fast cars provide a rush at 'spy' camp. By Nena Baker. The Arizona Republic, November 27, 2001
""Lubins Fly MiGs Over Moscow - Two Letters (September 2001) First-person account written by David Lubin, with photos.
""Fantasy Flight from the Decatur Daily News (April 13, 2001) - Couple experience new horizons on Russian trip.
""Bond... James Bond - Uncovering the Mercenary Inside By Gregg Zoroya, USA TODAY October 14, 1999
""Coldfinger: A James Bond Wannabe Goes to Fantasy Camp Modern Maturity, Jan/Feb '00.
""Rudolphs Enjoy Opportunity to Fly Former U.S. Foe's Aircraft- from The Moscow-Pullman Daily News (January 9-10, 1999) - Couple vacations at Zhukovsky Air Base. "We decided to go for the ultimate." (And they're going back again!)
""Under Cover Tuxedo, Shoe Phone and BMW Sold Separately
LA Times, May 16, 1999
""Travelers on a Mission for Adventure
St. Petersburg Times, April 5, 1999
""For Busy Workers Time Off is Not Just for Family Affairs - by Sue Shellenbarger The Wall Street Journal (November 11, 1998). High-pressure executives relieve stress through Adventure Travel (with us, of course!)
""Space: The Final Frontier For Adventure Travelers- by Thomas Goetz, The Wall Street Journal (July 31, 1998) A great article, mostly about Incredible Adventures!
""Vacationers Walking on Air - Chad Schnuelle and Diana Turner in Moscow
""Dreams For Sale - By William Triplett. Portions of an article which was originally published in Air and Space Magazine. Mike Saemisch has added some great photos!
""Dreams For Sale - Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine. The original article; longer version. No photos.
""Inside the Red Zone- Another great article by William Triplett with more terrific photos by Mike Seamisch.
""MiGs Over Moscow! The Robb Report - a great article! Read this to get an idea of what it would be like to fulfill your dream and FLY THE LEGEND with Incredible Adventures. Written by Geza Szurovy and published in the August 1997 issue.
""Thunderbirds - Sunday Life, Independent Online, Cape Town. An interview with Michael Beachy Head as he climbs into the cockpit of the Buccanneer.


Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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