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"" MiGs Over Russia Programs & Itinerary

MiGs Over Russia

All Itineraries are customized. This is a sample.

Pre-flight medical check. MiG flights with Russian Top Gun pilots at SOKOL Airbase

DAY 1 - Saturday
Arrive in Moscow. You'll be met at the airport by one of our wonderful Moscow team members and escorted to the Metropol, a classic hotel chosen for its excellent location next to Red Square and the Kremlin. (The movie Dr Zhivago was filmed at the hotel.) You’ll have time to rest in your room and then, if you aren’t too tired, you’ll be invited to join our Moscow General Manager and her husband for an early dinner at a local pub. Over a casual meal, Lena will brief you on the days ahead and answer any questions you may have. Before you leave to return to your hotel, you’ll receive a Moscow cell phone programmed with the numbers of our Russian staff that you can use to reach them during your stay.
DAY 2- Sunday

After breakfast in the hotel, you’ll be met in the lobby by our guide. Together, you’ll spend several hours touring Moscow. You’ll have time to visit Old Arbat for a little souvenir shopping or tour the Kremlin and Red Square. Our guide will make sure you have lunch and get you back in your room in time to pack a small bag for the trip to Nizhny Novgorod.

The trip to Nizhny is made by train. (Getting you there in time for your jet flight is very important and the train is the most reliable option.) Unless you’re traveling with a guest or other IA customer, you’ll have a first class compartment all to yourself. Don’t worry. The 4 1/2 hours will pass quickly. You can read, watch Russian TV, listen to music or sleep.

Waiting for you at the train station in Nizhny will be our airbase guide and driver. They’ll take you to the Alexandrovsky Garden Hotel for the night. The hotel was recently named the best four-star hotel in the city. There’s a restaurant in the hotel if you want to grab a late dinner, as well as a bowling alley and casino.

DAY 3 - The Big Day!

After breakfast in the hotel, it’s time to fly! You’ll be transported to the Sokol Airbase for a day you’ll never forget. You’ll start by meeting your pilot and going over your flight plan. With the help of maps and jet models, he’ll demonstrate what you’ll experience and where you’ll fly. You’ll meet the base doctor and have your blood pressure checked. Once you’re cleared to fly, you’ll head for the locker room and suit up. You’ll be carefully briefed in how everything works, from the helmet visor to the oxygen mask. Soon, you’ll be in the cockpit and headed down the runway.

After your flight, you’ll tour the Sokol Air Museum and learn more about the factory’s 76 year history. Then you’ll head out to explore the city with our guide and driver. Nizhny (formerly known as Gorky) is located at the intersection of the Volga and Oka rivers and offers some unique scenery. Our guide will take you to lunch and won’t leave your side until you’re ready to board your commercial airline flight back to Moscow.

DAY 4 - Tuesday

This is a “just in case” day. If for any reason you can’t fly on Monday, this gives you another day to complete your flight. If it’s not needed for flying, you can add on an extra tour or spend the day sightseeing on your own.

DAY 5 - Wednesday
After breakfast in the hotel, we'll get you back to the airport in time for departure flight.
Scheduling Notes

Tour days and free time are included in the standard itinerary for a reason. You need extra time at the start of your trip in case your flight from the US or Europe is delayed or you suffer greatly from jet lag. And, you need a back-up day that can be used for your fighter jet flight in case weather, etc keeps you from flying as planned. Plus, it’s good for you to see a little of the amazing country where our flights take place.

Five days in Russia really aren’t enough. If you’d like to extend your trip so you can visit Star City, fly an L-39, etc., let us know.

If you will already be in Russia and don't need a hotel, etc., call us to discuss a custom program.

Fine Print: Most flying adventures include a complimentary video and a souvenir flight suit. Pricing depends on the time of year (hotel and exchange rates vary) and the jet or jets you choose to fly. Call us for a custom price quote.
Fly a MiG Over russia!

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