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DECEMBER 2022 - Issue 1
MiG-29 in flight, target practice, space rocket, parachute jumping, fly a fighter jet, dive with sharks
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Covert Ops Group Missions
Are Now Available in More Locations

Covert Ops training exercize

Train Like the Real Guys Do At a Facility Near You

A journalist has been kidnapped and is being held hostage at a location near you. The closest hostage rescue team is hours away and the deadline to pay a ransom is rapidly approaching.

You are the hostage's best chance. If you can assemble a team, an expert in hostage rescue operations will provide you with the equipment and training needed to stage a rescue and save the day.

Our newest one-day Covert Ops Adventure immerses you in the world of an elite operative. Each six-hour mission is designed for up to 10 participants and features expert instruction, use of real training equipment, facility use, role players and lunch. Pricing starts at $9950 for up to 10 participants.

Two of our favorite training locations are Atlanta and Miami. Programs can be arranged almost anywhere. Covert Ops missions utilize the same weapons and training ammunition used by law enforcement. The training is real but the mission is fun.

Our instructor team is led by Garret Machine, a veteran of the Israeli Defense Force's elite Duvdevan unit and TACLET, the special operations component of the US Coast Guard.

To schedule a Covert Ops adventure for your group of up to 10, contact us at 800-644-7382.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

Video: Covert Ops

Drive Hatch Up and Hatch Down

Drive tanks Orlando FL

Tank Driving Adventures in Orlando are Tons of Fun

Drive a tank in Orlando. Or, for the sake of accuracy, drive an FV-433 Abbot Self-Propelled Gun. Our new battlefield is open Thursday to Monday and features a half-mile track on 14 acres.

Technically, our "tanks" are "self-propelled guns". This means they played a support role in the military and have just one gun and less armor than a main battle tank. You can learn more about the history of the British FV-433 Abbot by visiting the Online Tank Museum.

A variety of driving options are available, including the chance to drive the Abbot both hatch up and hatch down. Driving packages start at $330 per person, with tax and fees. Add a passenger to any program for just $55. Call or email to receive a detailed price list.

Remember: Tank driving adventures are also available near Minneapolis, MN, from March to October.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

Learn More

Cage Dive With Great White Sharks in San Francisco

2 divers in a shark cage

Reserve Your Spot Early for the Best Date Selection

Shark season in San Francisco runs from September 15 to November 30th. This is when white sharks are known to migrate to San Francisco's Farallon Islands to feed on the resident seal population. Incredible Adventures has been offering one-day expeditions to the Farallon Islands since 2005, on select dates within this peak viewing time. Trips sell out in advance, so early booking is advised.

Featured 2023 Trip Dates

October 14, 15, 21, 22 November 4, 5, 11, 18

Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our San Francisco shark trips:

  • Gift certificates are available.
  • No dive experience is required.
  • Cage divers pay $925, Topside observers pay $675
  • Private charters are available (call for pricing)
  • Our one-day trips and private overnight charters depart from Richmond, CA, in San Francisco's East Bay.
  • A typical day trip is 12 hours and overnight trip 24 hours.
  • This adventure is not recommended for children. (No one under 16 without prior approval.)
  • There is no shark sighting guarantee. We'll take you to the best place at the best time, but we cannot control nature.

Visit our website to book online or purchase a gift certificate.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email

Video: San Francisco Shark Dives

Send Someone Flying

Incredible Adventures sells gift cards that can be purchased in any amount and then applied toward the adventure of choice.

A $995 gift card could be used to purchase a fun aerobatic flight in the T-6 over South Carolina, an Extra 330 in Colorado or a Pitts S2B near San Francisco.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Hard Hat Adventures Near Minneapolis

Drive heavy equipment

Drive a bulldozer, excavator or wheel loader. Heavy equipment driving adventures are available all year long near Minneapolis.

Programs are available for those age 10 and over. Pricing varies but generally starts at $325 with tax and fees.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Next Evasive Driving Class Set for January

Evasive driving experience in Arizona

Our next three-day Evasive Driving Adventure in Arizona is set for January20-22. Become a better driver while having incredible fun behind the wheel.

Learn to drive like your favorite movie hero and escape danger on the road. The accident avoidance skills you learn could save your life someday.

The $2650 price includes meals and optional on-site lodging.

Call 800-644-7382 or Email


Incredible Adventures: Life is Either An Incredible Adventure or Nothing At All

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