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Civilians Train for Space in Plane
Used to Train Generations of Astronauts

Sarasota, FL- February 12, 2010 -- Two Florida residents have become the first to complete civilian space flight training in the Lockheed F-104 Starfighter, the same supersonic jet used to prepare generations of astronauts for space travel. Terence Witt and his wife Virginia Dickens of Indialantic spent five days training with Starfighters Aerospace at Florida's John F Kennedy Space Center.

Starfighters Aerospace Pilot Mike 'Smitty' Smith, Virginia Dickens, Terry Witt and lead pilot Rick 'Comrade' Svetkoff. (Copyright Incredible Adventures)Starfighters Aerospace is currently the only company approved by both the FAA and NASA to offer civilian suborbital space flight training out of Kennedy's Shuttle Landing Facility. They maintain a fleet of privately-owned F-104 Starfighters approved for use both in civilian flight training and government and private scientific testing.

After successfully passing a mandatory medical evaluation, Witt and Dickens dressed in flight suits and were briefed in the principles of atmospheric pressure and high-altitude flight. Their new knowledge was then put to a test during a simulated climb to altitude within a hypobaric pressure chamber. Finally, following an extensive flight safety briefing which included F-104 ejection seat training, first Witt and then Dickens, climbed into the rear cockpit of a two-seat F-104 Starfighter and blasted out over the Atlantic, taking off from the very same runway used by NASA's Space Shuttle.

Their high-speed F-14 Starfighter flights were carefully designed to simulate both the high-gravitational forces and weightlessness passengers aboard future suborbital space flights will experience. Several companies are currently developing rocket-powered space craft designed to take adventurers 200,000 feet or higher.

Witt and Dickens purchased their training package from Sarasota-based Incredible Adventures, an international adventure company with a long-history of delivering air and space experiences. Incredible Adventures is best known for offering MiG fighter jet flights and space adventures in Russia and has an exclusive right to market the Starfighters Aerospace F-104 program.

Incredible Adventures offers two different Starfighter Space Training Adventures. Pricing starts at $30,500 and training is available year round. For more information, contact Incredible Adventures at 800-644-7382.

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