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Sky Combat Adventure

YOU FLY THE PLANE! Under the supervision of an expert fighter pilot YOU will be at the controls, YOU will learn how to execute air-to-air combat tactics. Discover the thrill of flying a high performance dual control Extra 330LC and experience what it's like to be a fighter pilot.

A state of the art targeting system gives you instant feedback. When you make "a kill" you'll observe smoke come out of the tail of your opponent's plane. After a pilot briefing and gun warm-up exercise you'll experience up to five air combat engagements and feel the pull of up to 8 times the force of gravity.

Flights depart from Henderson Airport, just outside Las Vegas. Our shuttle will pick you up at your hotel and deliver you back at the conclusion of your flight experience. Video is not included in this package price but is available for purchase at the hangar on the day of your incredible adventure for $99+.

  • Price: $1559 (includes fuel surcharge)
  • Fly against one of our instructors, or bring a friend and you each pay just $1029.

Operation Red Flag

This unique flying experience is named after an actual war game held each year at Nellis Air Force Base. Operation Red Flag involves three or more aircraft on opposing teams. Your mission is to man a combat air patrol protecting friendly personnel on the ground. Keep a look out for the enemy because he can come at you from any direction! The action is fast and furious and communication and cooperation are your keys to survival.

Three planes are required for Operation Red Flag so this is the time to invite friends and family to come fly with you or against you. You'll all be flying with a trained fighter pilot in the back seat who will show you how real air combat engagements unfold. There is limited availability of this program so book well ahead.

Our complimentary limo will transport you for this five hour door to door adventure. Plan on a 50 minute fighter pilot briefing, 50 minutes of air combat during which you'll fly up to 5 air combat engagements and experience some low-level mountain flying. Video of your adventure will be available for purchase on the day of your adventure for $99+.

  • Price: $4089 (includes fuel surcharge)
  • Bring one friend and you each pay $2359
  • Bring two friends and you each pay $1729
  • Bring three friends and you all pay $1529 each

Combat Wingman - 2 Days - 2 flights

Combine a Top Gun aerobatic flight with a Sky Combat aerial dogfight for an incredible two day adventure. YOU FLY while one of our trained instructor pilots shows you how to maneuver. No flight experience is necessary. Complimentary transportation , appropriate briefings and warm-ups are given. Video packages are available for purchase on site.

  • Price: $1889 includes fuel surcharge
  • Fly against one of our instructors or bring a friend along and you each pay just $1459

Day 1: Top Gun Mission

You'll learn what it's like to fly a world class aerobatic aircraft while an expert instructor guides you from the back seat with dual controls. A Waco, T-6 or Extra 330 are the planes used for this program and one will be assigned to you. All offer amazing capabilities and you'll be surprised at the successful loops, rolls and hammerheads completed with a small amount of training.

  • 3.5 Hours Door to Door
  • Complimentary Transportation
  • 30 Mintute Aerobatic Briefing
  • Up to 45 Minute Aerobatic Thrill Ride
  • Fly With a Trained Instructor
  • Pilot Pull up to 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Basic Aerobatics: (Loops / Rolls / Stalls / Hammerheads)
  • Advanced Aerobatics (Extra 330): (Spins / Snap Rolls / Tumbling)
  • Dynamic Low-Level Mountain Flying
  • SCA Heritage Museum Access
  • Video Packages Available

Day 2: Sky Combat Adventure

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be a fighter pilot you'll stop imagining and discover the tension and thrill of engaging in air- to- air combat today. You'll be at the controls of an Extra 330 while executing combat tactics developed since the days of the Red Baron. An expert combat fighter pilot will teach you how to out maneuver your opponent and make a "kill." State of the art optical targeting system gives you instant feedback as you see smoke come from the tail of your opponent's plane.

  • 5 Hours Door to Door
  • 50 Minute Fighter Pilot Briefing
  • Up to 50 Minutes of Aerial Dogfighting
  • Pull Up to 8x the Force of Gravity
  • Fly With Actual Fighter Pilots
  • Gun Warm-up Exercise
  • Up to 5 Air Combat Engagements
  • SCA Heritage Museum Access
  • Video Packages Available
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