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Sky Combat Ace: You fly the Extra 330 high-performance dual control plane. Learn air-to-air combat tactics.


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Sky Combat Ace Sky Combat Dogfighting Adventures You Fly the Plane!

Sky Combat Adventures

Air combat flights in Las Vegas, San Diego & Minden-Tahoe

Discover the thrill of flying a high performance dual control Extra 330LC. Get a taste of what it's like to be a fighter pilot. Aerobatic and Air Combat Adventures are available in three locations.

This isn’t a just ride-a-long…unless that’s what you want, of course. YOU’LL FLY THE PLANE! Under the guidance of an experienced fighter pilot, YOU will take the controls and learn to execute air-to-air combat tactics and/or popular air show maneuvers.

The Extra 330 is the highest performing certified aerobatic aircraft in the world and is capable of withstanding +/- 10 G’s. There is little the Extra 330 can’t do.


Experience Sky Combat (2 Planes)

After a pre-flight briefing from your assigned fighter pilot, you’ll strap in to the Extra 330 for your incredible adventure. You’ll start with a warm-up exercise where you’ll learn to execute air combat tactics and then experience up to five air combat engagements. In the heat of battle, you may feel the pull of up to 8 G’s ... eight times the force of gravity!

A state of the art targeting system gives you instant feedback. When you make "a kill" you'll observe smoke come out of the tail of your opponent's plane. Sky Combat Adventures are available in Las Vegas, seven days a week, and at our other locations by arrangement, Thursdays through Mondays.

Provide your own “enemy flyer” or battle one of our sky combat instructors.

Experience Duration: About 3 hours

Pricing for Two: $2450


Experience Top Gun Aerobatics (1 Plane)

Fly your own air show routine in the Extra 330 for the rollercoaster ride of your life. Learn to perform loops, rolls and more from one of our expert aerobatics instructors. Pull up to 8 G’s.

Experience Duration: About 2 ½ hours

Pricing for One: $744


Experience Sky Combat AND Aerobatics – The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush!

Can’t decide between Sky Combat and Top Gun Aerobatics? No problem! You can experience both by scheduling an “Adrenaline Rush” mission. Engage in an all-out aerial dogfight against a friend or family member, or opt to battle one of our instructors. Then, it’s time to learn, experience and fly some of the famous maneuvers performed at air shows.

Provide your own “enemy flyer” or compete against one of our sky combat instructors.

Experience Duration: About 3 hours

Pricing: Call for pricing


Experience Sky Combat (3 or More Planes) – Operation Red Flag

This unique flying experience is named “Operation Red Flag” after an actual war game held each year at Nellis Air Force Base. Operation Red Flag involves three or more aircraft on opposing teams. Your mission is to man a combat air patrol protecting friendly personnel on the ground. Keep a look out for the enemy because he can come at you from any direction! The action is fast and furious and communication and cooperation are your keys to survival.

Three planes are required for Operation Red Flag so this is the time to invite friends and family to come fly with you or against you. You'll all be flying with a trained fighter pilot in the back seat who will show you how real air combat engagements unfold. There is limited availability of this program so book well ahead.

Provide two or more “enemies” of your own, or battle our instructors.

Experience Duration: About 5 hours

Pricing: Call for pricing


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