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Incredible Adventures has extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the space travel industry. We offer a wide array of private space consulting services.
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Well over 1,000 adventurers took our extensive survey in the summer and autumn of 2006. You can download a copy of a Summary of the results here:
The Adventurer's Survey of Public Space Travel

Presentation by Jane E. Reifert at the
25th Annual International Space Development Conference (May 4-7, 2006)
Los Angeles, CA
Civilian Space Flight Training: Don’t Leave Earth Without It

Presentation by Jane E. Reifert at the
Royal Aeronautical Society, London, 7 June 2006
Space Tourism: From Lofty Dreams to Commercial Reality

The Wright Stuff by
Derek Webber Our friend and colleague Derek Webber from Spaceport Associates has published a new book, available on Amazon. "The Wright Stuff: The Century of Effort Behind Your Ticket to Space", is a great gift for anyone who dreams of a trip to space. 

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