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Incredible Adventures offers unique access to the same training facilities used to train astronauts and cosmonauts.



Mix and match from our many options to create
your own personalized space training program

United States

Air Combat Adventures

Get fitted with a flight suit, helmet, and parachute; climb into the cockpit and try your hand at formation flying and aerobatics. You and your instructor work as a team to out-smart and out-gun your opponents through "g-pulling" dogfights and maneuvers. Read more

Warbirds USA

Choose from a variety of historic aircraft and take the controls to experience g-forces and vestibular action. No pilot’s license required! An instructor will taxi, take-off and land, but you get to do the rest. Read more

Zero Gravity, USA

Experience the sensation of floating in space and accomplish tasks with no gravity just like the astronauts during a weightless flight. Fly through a series of parabolic maneuvers that simulate zero gravity. Read more

Multi-Axis Disorientation (MAD) Machine

Receive an informative introduction to orbital and suborbital physics and the physiologic aspects of space travel with the MAD Machine, which simulates sensations of space travel. Read more

NASTAR Altitude Chamber

Receive detailed classroom briefings and hypobaric (high-altitude) chamber training where you will learn how to identify and respond to low oxygen, night vision deficiency, and rapid decompression situations.

MiG-29 Fulcrum Russia (Edge of Space)

Climb to the edge of space and go breathless into a tail slide or travel at more than twice the speed of sound with one of Russia's top test pilots. You’ll experience high-altitude flight and aerobatics to test your stamina for space. Read more

Zero-Gravity, Russia
Experience weightlessness in a parabolic flight in a Russian IL-76 MDK. Read more
L -39 Albatross Jet Flight

Fly the L-39 Albatross where Russian pilots train at Vyazma Air Base; the G forces are very real! Read more


Train in the CF-7 and CF-18 for conditions of accelerated space flight, including ascent (+g) and descent (-g) of spacecraft, physiological microgravity, temperature fluctuations, cabin pressure, humidity and gas composition. Ask about other programs and packages offered. Read more


Acquire and master the skills necessary to accomplish space walk operations through a simulated mission, with full space gear, to a depth of 12 meters in a giant swimming pool, which provides approximately 80% buoyancy. Read more


Learn to resist motion sickness and adapt to weightlessness in rotating chairs and inclined tables, which simulate different motions of space travel. Read more

Cosmonaut for a Day

Spend an action packed day or week at Star City outside Moscow and train the way the cosmonauts do. Experience some or all: centrifuge, hydrolab, vestibular training, docking simulator and more. Read more

Custom Space Training at Star City Russia

Sample Space Training Packages

Here are a few sample space training packages that will prepare you and give you a taste of what the real space experience feels like. Find out if you have "the right stuff".

For less than $5,000: Experience G forces and aerobatics as well as test your vestibular endurance with an expanded air combat program.

For less than $8,000: Combine zero gravity, an L-39 flight full of speed and then try out the MAD (Multi-Axis Disorientation Machine). Experience sustained g forces.

For less than $30,000: The Edge of Space flight in a MiG-29 is almost as good as it gets for preparing your body for speed and g forces. The next day find out what the rotations of a centrifuge feel like and how to maneuver while wearing a real space suit. This is how cosmonauts and astronauts train to work under conditions of real G loads.

For less than $50,000: Add an experience in the hydrolab to the above program for a different weightless experience while attempting mission tasks

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