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Spy Camp the Ultimate Adventure Experience. Race a car, drive a Lamborghini, shoots lots of guns, skydive


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Spy Camp

Call for additonal options: 800-644-7382

Race a Rally Car ~ Drive a Lamborghini ~ Shoot Lots of Guns ~ Skydive

The FIRM’s Ultimate Adventure Experience lets you experience four great adventures in a single adrenaline-packed weekend. The excitement happens at an elite tactical training facility about 30 minutes from Gainesville, Florida.

Drive a Lamborghini Gallardo at Spy Camp

Covert Ops 2 Day Brochure

Teaching You Skills Every Action Hero Should Have

Extreme Driving - No action movie is complete without at least one car chase or getaway scene. Learn the skills necessary to drive with speed and control on all kinds of road surfaces, whether you’re chasing or fleeing danger. You’ll receive hours of personalized car handling instruction from a RallyPro professional, as you sit behind the wheel of a powerful Subaru STI.

Shooting - Learn to shoot a variety of firearms under the direction of a combat-tested US Special Forces veteran. Get to know the design, handling and capability of a different pistols, rifles and machine guns from an expert. Some of the best action heroes never fire a round, but they still need to know what weapons they may face.

Skydiving - Action heroes never know when they’ll have a reason to jump from a plane or parachute off the top of a skyscraper. Your spy camp experience includes a tandem skydive, designed to provide you with an adrenaline-charged introduction to parachuting.

The Cool Factor – Feel like a movie star when you cruise around our “top secret training facility” in a powerful (and ultra-expensive) Lamborghini Gallardo. Experience the incredible handling and performance of a legendary exotic car.

Learn to shoot a variety of firearms under the direction of combat-tested US Special Forces veteran.


The Ultimate Adventure Experience takes place behind the locked gates of an elite tactical training facility in North Central Florida. Arrive by private plane or come by car. Our “spy camp” is just 30 minutes from Gainesville or 2½ hours from Orlando.


When you aren’t actively training, we suggest you “hide out” at the nearby, Hampton Lake Bed & Breakfast. After an action-filled day, we think you’ll enjoy relaxing by the lake with a cold beverage. (A deluxe room with breakfast is less than $200 per night.)


Call 800-644-7382 or 941-346-2603

Covert Ops 2 Day Brochure

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