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Bachelor Parties - Video Shoots - Corporate Events - Team Building - Movie Scenes - Festivals - Product Launches - Influencer Content

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US & International Locations

Custom Video Production

Tanks to You
Vehicle Relocation for Media Events,
Festivals & Special Occasions

Real & Simulated Tank Firing

Tank vs Tank Laser Battles

Demolitions & Special Effects

Celebrity Event Hosts

Military Period Detail Constulting

Armored Vehicle & Armaments Expertise

Historical Reenactments

Complete Event Services
Hotel, Transfers, Catering, Promotional Items,
Branding, Video & Photography

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Influencers Zedra and Demolition Ranch compete in a Tankathlon in Minnesota, sponsored by Wargaming's World of Tanks.

Roman Atwood Drives a Tank in Minnesota | Tank Adventures


Viral video filmed by Corridor Digital at our Drive a Tank - Minnesota location.


Incredible Adventures worked with one of the country's top explosive experts to blow up a car for a special video shoot.

Wargaming, Ltd. hosted Tankathlon 2019 at the Drive A Tank location in Minnesota and invited internet influencers from around the world to participate.  Wargaming makes the popular PC and console game "World of Tanks".  The event was captured by a production team.

An experienced production team based in Minnesota is available to film custom tank driving events.

Incredible Adventures is a full-service event planning company. We arrange staffing, logistics, locations, electrical, internet and catering services for group and custom events.

Incredible Adventures brings video games to life with simulated tank battles and explosions.

Japanese influencers 2Bro on a Minnesota custom tank driving event and video shoot taking photos on location.

Member of the Incredible Adventures team of video and photography professionals at work with video camera.

Actor Rudy Reyes is a former US Marine, best known for playing himself in HBO's Generation Kill. He is also a martial arts expert and motivational speaker. Incredible Adventures provides hosts and celebrity talent for special and custom military events.

World of Tanks representative Marios and internet influencer TheManSpot in front of one of the military vehicles available for custom programs at IA's Minnesota tank location.

E-mail or call Incredible Adventures today: 800 644-7382

Life is either an incredible adventure or nothing at all!
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