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Desert D ogfights - Fighter Combat AZ: Planes

The Planes
The German-built "Extra 300L" is a world-class unlimited aerobatic aircraft. Used by top air show performers around the globe, it's a genuine dogfighting machine!


Maximum Speed: 250 mph (407 kmh)
G-limits: Single Pilot: +/- 10G Two Occupants: +/- 8G
Rate of Climb: 3200 feet per minute
Service Ceiling: 16,000 feet
Roll Rate: > 340 degrees per second
Maximum Range: 585 miles (940 kilometers)

The Extra 300L is powered by the 300 Hp Lycoming AEIO 540-L1B5 engine, giving it the ability to fly from hovering speeds to a fast stage-transiting speed of 250 mph (400+ kilometers per hour).

The Weapons System
Each Extra has been specially equipped with an integrated eye-safe laser weapons system, projected gunsight, smoke generators, and a combat sound card to provide the most realistic air combat experience possible.

The Video System
Because even you won't believe what you've done after you've landed, we've equipped each Extra with a state-of-the-art audio/video system, designed to capture every exciting moment of your Fighter Combat Adventure. Cameras are located on both wingtips, inside your cockpit and on the tail and are controlled by your co-pilot to capture every wild maneuver you make. This great souvenir lets you relive your adventure for a lifetime.

Desert dogfight

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