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Space Suits & Gear

We've Got Space - Adventures in Space Flight
Brochure: Cosmonaut Adventures See the latest photos from Star City

Take the Space Suit Challenge

Space Suits & Gear
Train for space travel at Star City Take the Space Suit Challenge!

Spend a full day inside the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.

See if you have the right stuff to wear a space suit.

Warning! This adventure isn't for the weak.

Moving around inside a space suit is extremely hard work and
accomplishing special tasks is almost impossible for a beginner.

The fun is in the trying!

Choose Your Space Suit

Option 1 - The Orlan DMA Space Suit

The Orlan DMA is the suit designed for space walks and activities necessary outside the International Space Station. This is the same suit worn during hydrolab training. In fact, many of the tasks you'll attempt are the same ones done underwater to prepare for working in a weightless environment.

Take the space suit challenge!
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Your day will begin with a lecture on the Orlan's special systems and uses and what you can expect once you are assisted into the suit. You'll then move to an area of simulators used by real cosmonauts.

The Orlan suit is very, very heavy. Because you'll feel the full force of gravity, your movements while in the suit will be aided by a crane. You'll learn to open and close hatches and practice moving along the tether cord necessary to keep a cosmonaut from floating off into space. You'll be challenged to complete a series of realistic tasks. While training, all the suit's life supporting systems will be turned on.

Option 2 - The Sokol Space Suit

The Sokol suit is worn inside the Soyuz and is also equipped with a variety of life support systems. After a lecture on the Sokol and its features, you'll climb into the Sokol and move an area filled with special training simulators. You'll practice moving between the two small compartments in the Soyuz capsule simulator (the piloting compartment and the living compartment). You'll also see if you can properly remove the suit without assistance.

Train for space travel at the Yuri Gagarin Space Center
Train for space travel in the Orlan cosmonaut space suit Wearing a full cosmonaut space suit is harder than it looks.


Cosmonaut Food Fun

In addition to your choice of training in one of the suits, your adventure includes:

This portion of your adventure begins inside the Star City classroom, with a lecture on the history and development of space foods. Next, you'll proceed to the training area, where you'll be taught the proper way to open and prepare a meal in space. You'll get a chance to practice what you've been taught when you sit down to eat at the special space training table. There are special rules for eating in space. Food is eaten from a special vacuum-like table because a stray crumb could be enough to clog an air filter or cause another serious problem onboard. (Did you know salt and pepper in space must be served in liquid form so it doesn't fly away and contaminate equipment or get stuck in an astronaut's eyes?) On board the International Space Station, the Americans and Russians share equally in supplying meals, helping to add variety to meals in space.

Each Space Suit Adventure also includes a tour of the Astronaut Training Center and a real earth lunch of non-space foods served in the cosmonaut dining hall.


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Brochure: Cosmonaut Adventures

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